Do you remember the last time your company introduced new software? You will certainly remember the amount of energy and commitment that was required to align and optimise all your business processes to the new requirements. But what would happen if unforeseeable failures or disruptions where to occur in your business processes today?

In short, we take care of Business Continuity Management for you, which is the critical part of the risk management system in your company.

What does that mean for you?

In a first step, we analyse your individual needs and define the resources and processes necessary for business continuity management. Our team will assemble the protection package that best fits your needs. This includes classifying your business processes, carrying out possible threat analyses and determining the associated expenses.

In a second step, we implement or optimise a Business Continuity Management System tailored to your company. This includes integration into other management systems and coordination with, for example, ISO 27001 or ISO 20000. The business management must determine the measures required to ensure that the most important business processes are continued in case of an emergency, thus reducing damage to a level that is tolerable for your company. Among other things, we take into account failures in the personnel area, the IT system or the infrastructure. We test the system, train your employees and prepare the documentation provided for this purpose.

Let us help you to prepare a holistic Business Continuity Management System that is tailored to your specific situation.


Customer confidence and reliable security.

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