Companies have never relied so heavily on information technology and data as they do today. But as the volume of data increases so does the risk. Not surprisingly we see ever increasing scrutiny from external regulators which makes internal processes and policies absolutely critical to protect the long-term operation of any company.

Internal organisational tasks within your company and a set of rules and regulations to govern external requirements inevitably lead to a qualitatively new approach in this area. Management in particular is faced with a variety of challenges in this respect in the individual companies.

We therefore support you with our expert knowledge in data privacy

Within the framework of data privacy, we examine to what extent the legal data protection is comprehensively assured, and to what extent employee data is treated as particularly confidential. We will go through the necessary measures with you to clarify whether your organisation guarantees the legal and technical regulations for data protection. We support you in determining the organisational position of the company’s data protection officer in a practical manner. He or she must be involved in all technical and organisational changes to information technology equipment and procedures. We also help you to make an existing directory of procedures meaningful. We analyse how a possible data protection process is to be contractually documented. Together with you, we determine whether any data transfers are lawful.

The services for you:

  • We will check your company in terms of data protection law.
  • We advise you on data privacy and data protection management.
  • We clarify with you the position of the external data protection officer and jointly regulate the responsibilities in the data protection area.
  • We implement or audit a data protection management system (DSMS).
  • We introduce and test technical and organisational measures; these are in accordance with GDPR.
  • We train your management and your employees.
  • We document the admissibility under data protection law.
  • Data protection audits under the guidance of our experts help you to meet the requirements in this area.
  • We will prepare a data protection audit report for you.
  • We describe transparently those processes that are not yet in conformity with data protection.


Customer confidence and reliable security.

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